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Villas San Marco Billboard Priprema

Construction of Villas San Marco

Kuće su locirane u blizini naselja Višnjan, preciznije u naselju Markovac, sa pogledom na prelijepu obalu Istre i zagonetnu mističnu unutrašnjost sve od Vrsara do Novigrada. Područje je odlično prometno povezano, samo 3 kilometara od autoceste i vrlo je blizu glavnih aerodroma u regiji; Pula (57Km) i Ronchi – Trieste (110Km).

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Villas San Marco

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Construction of Aquapark Istralandia

At even 40 thousand square meters will cover indoor water park, which began to sprout these days, near Brtonigla and Novigrad, at the exit from the Istrian Y to Novigrad.
New tourist content, worth ten million, multi-year investment of Porec known construction company Istrakop, which is the idea of the park came back in 1998. From then until now carefully being planned idea of fun water MEGAPARK called Istralandia, which should offer new tourist facilities peninsula from early June to mid-September.
Park will open its doors next year in June, and until then investors waiting for a bulky job. Soon the site will be up to 150 construction workers. However, preparatory work has already largely ongoing, regulates the parking lot.
According to the initiator of the project Branko Kovacic, Director of Istrakop that Porec has been operating for 30 years and employs 60 people, and November should be collated all the pools and buildings, and during the winter months it is planned to equip and landscaping, would not I park the next season ready welcomed its first guests.
– Long’m in construction and I wanted to do something new, what is missing from abroad. All the while talking about additional content and I realized that the water park was an ideal solution for Istria, because currently there is no not one. In addition, it is a very popular pastime for children and adults in all European countries, particularly in neighboring Italy, where there are about a hundred of these parks, said Kovacic.

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