About us


The company Istrakop Ltd. was founded in 1990, while turnover was registered in 1985, we started to work. We are registered in construction, trade and services, but first and foremost we work in construction which is evident from the list of works. Company headquarters is in Porec, Partizanska 4/1, in its own premises.


Its business is done mostly in the Istria and Primorsko goranska region.
In most cases we are independent business owners, work  in public tenders and contract works directly with major clients-investors and the invited competition.
Sometimes we arrange the works and large scale from their own opportunities, mostly in construction, but in this case works successfully perform with us already known subcontractors.
We’re doing all kinds of jobs in the civil engineering and building construction, and our engineers are expert at building sites and its experience providing seriousness, professionalism and quality in the operating of the most complex tasks.


The primary goal is always to respect its contractual obligations, deadlines and quality construction work, constant training and additional training of employees, respect for their safety and the safety of other employees, in compliance with all regulations, and the work we do with always the latest and safest technology equipment, which is always certified before use.


Employees staff is good and necessary for the independent work of the society.

The company employs around 60 permanent staff with continuous refilling according to market needs, with 5 high-quality engineers and other professionals of different profiles qualified to work on construction machinery and for safe work by profession.

The intention of the company is to maintain a strong and stable core, along with the never-ending growth with certainty, monitoring of new technologies and the procurement of quality equipment which satisfy the ongoing needs of the market.

team 2

Mauro Kovačić

Dipl. eng. const.
CEO Istrakop Ltd.

Branko Kovačić

General director